Parking Form

Thank you for contacting us to park your vehicle at Croton Falls Community Church. At the present time the parking spaces are not numbered, so you may park in any of the lined spaces. To access the parking lot please enter via the north driveway, between the parsonage and the church, and follow the driveway around the rear of the church to the lot. To exit the lot, please use the south driveway. When parking, please be sure to nose the car in as afar as possible to avoid being hit by cars leaving the lot, as the driving lane is rather narrow when parked cars protrude.


  • The Croton Falls Community Church assumes no liability for any damage or missing property to your vehicle and/or contents therein.
  • The Croton Falls Community Church assumes no liability for any personal injury sustained while on the grounds of the Church by drivers and/or any passengers of such vehicle.
  • If the parking area has not been cleared of snow and/or sanded the parking area will be considered closed until plowed, cleared and/or sanded. We have asked our Snow Plow Contractor to clear the lot by 6:00am.
  • The church reserves the right to cancel and prohibit parking at any time. This includes special events such as holidays, funerals, or other events. The Church will give prior notice as it is able.
  • Only registered cars are to be parked on business days between the hours of 6:00am and 9:00pm.  (Other times may be arranged as needed, with prior written notification).

This parking authorization is non-transferrable. Should you need to park a different vehicle temporarily, please notify Cynthia Spoor by e-mail at

The registrant shall indemnify and hold harmless the Croton Falls Community Church for any personal injury sustained to the operator of any permitted vehicles or any passengers of any vehicles parked in accordance with this permit, or for any property damage caused as a result of any action of any operator or passengers of any permitted vehicles. The holder of this permit acknowledges and represents that they have adequate insurance to cover and protect the Croton Falls Community Church from any liability and damages assessed against it in the event the operator and/or passengers of any vehicles driven onto the Croton Falls Community Church property sustain injuries or in the event there is any property damage to the registered vehicle or any other vehicles in the parking area.

The parking fee is $50.00 per month and is due and payable on a quarterly basis on the first day of the month beginning each quarter. Checks should be made payable to Croton Falls Community Church and mailed to P.O. Box 25 Croton Falls, NY 10519
By supplying the following information in the form below, I agree to all terms and conditions of this agreement.

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